Efficiency-as-a-Service allows you to upgrade your entire lighting system with no out-of-pocket cost and use just a portion of the energy savings to pay for the project. Installing the best LED technology ensures a long-term reduction in your energy and maintenance costs, and creates immediately cash-flow positive savings to your bottom line.

How It Works

  • 100% of new lighting system funded without upfront cost to customer
  • Savings shared each month with customer (e.g., 30% to customer, 70% to investor)
  • Off balance sheet service agreement — no financing/borrowing event
  • Savings measured using revenue-grade metering on lighting circuits
  • All maintenance/replacement costs borne by investor
Efficient LED lighting will save money, increase light quality, and reduce maintenance. Efficiency-as-a-Service lets you realize all of these benefits with $0 out-of- pocket cost.

What You Get

  • Upgrade your entire lighting system with no out-of-pocket cost
  • Use just a portion of the proven savings from the improvements to pay for the project
  • Long-term reduction in your energy and maintenance costs
  • Advanced “revenue grade” metering system ensures billing transparency

Savings as a Service

We will upgrade your outdated lighting to an energy efficient, state-of-the-art LED system. Each month we bill you for a portion of your energy cost savings: You are guaranteed to save.

This unique offering differs from standard financing that bases claims of savings on estimates, not reality. We have made two significant improvements to the energy performance contracting (EPC) model:

  • Transparency: We use revenue-grade meters as the basis for our billing—no models or estimates. We measure your exact energy savings.
  • Responsibility: We monitor the performance of your lighting and supply any necessary replacement parts. The ongoing performance of our offering is a hallmark of our model—we earn money only when you’re saving it.

Start the Process: Getting a brand new, efficient lighting system is easy and painless:

  • Contact Us: Contact a program facilitator to find out how you can benefit from our savings as a service offering. After learning a bit more about your building, we will schedule your lighting audit.
  • Lighting Audit: During the lighting audit we will evaluate your existing lighting system, light levels and other requirements. Our designers will complete and present to you a full lighting proposal, outlining specific upgrades, designs and expected savings.
  • System Installation: Our installation team will upgrade your entire lighting system and handle disposal and recycling of any hazardous materials that may be part of the existing system. We will work with your building manager to determine the best times to do this work as efficiently as possible.
  • Save Energy, Save Money: When efficient lights are installed, energy savings begin. For the duration of the contract, you will be billed for a portion of the savings that the lighting system generates, as measured by an independently vetted revenue-grade electric meter. You still receive a bill from your electric company, but it will be significantly reduced. The Savings as a Service bill will make up just a portion of the difference.
  • Free Replacement: For the duration of our contract, we will provide any replacement lamps, ballasts, or other parts required for the system. Using our electric metering infrastructure we will keep track of any issues, but you can also call us anytime for assistance.